Martial Arts Types

August 17, 2022 By Mark Patterson Off

Martial arts are mainly taught in schools, though there are also some extreme forms that may require membership to a specialized organization. Some styles, such as judo, are only available to people in the military. Other martial arts can be studied in detail and many of them are closely related with a particular religious belief. If you want to pursue one of these styles, here are some things to consider. These types of arts might not be available to everyone, but you can choose the one that is right for you.


Karate is primarily used for self-defense, but it is also widely practiced in combat sports. The Japanese style emphasizes arm work and the leg, while the Korean style is more focused on philosophy and understanding the opponent. American karate is now a sport martial arts. Some schools use violence or relaxation to win, while some others use visualization techniques. Karate was developed in Japan and became popular in the United States during WWII.


Judo was founded in 1882. It was developed by a jujutsu master. The original dojo was only twelve square feet in size. Judo has expanded to other parts of the world and is now widely practiced in Brazil, Japan, and the United States. There are ten levels in black belts.


There are various levels of ranks in Taekwondo, ranging from poom to first dan. In some styles, a rank of poom is equivalent to a rank for promotion to black belt. The Kukkiwon/WT style recognizes the poom rank of under-15s. This automatically transitions to the equivalent rank at fifteen. In some schools, a poom rank holder must wear a half – red, half – black belt.


The roots of Ninjutsu can been traced back to feudal Japan. The style is still in use today. Ninjutsu was practiced and studied all over the globe, even in movies like Naruto, throughout the centuries. Its practical implications are also reflected in the martial arts type’s many TV appearances. The Japanese word “ninja”, which is a misromanization, is used to describe the term “ninja”.

Juego de mani

Juego de mani, a folkloric form of dance, was developed by African slaves from Cuba. It is based on the Kongo-Angola culture, which evolved into a one-on-one form. It was first taught on the Caribbean islands. Folkloric groups still practice it. Juego de mani combines dance movements with martial arts techniques and can be performed as a full-contact sport.

Muay Thai

Many children find muay Thai training as entertainment appealing. Parents often decide if their child will pursue this sport. A fighter’s life is not always easy. He or she must train hard and do strength exercises as well. Children who choose to train in muaythai should not expect success immediately after graduation.


Mixed Martial Arts is a form combining techniques from many different disciplines. The focus of this type of combat is on winning, not on putting on a show. MMA also emphasizes sportsmanship over traditional focus on fitness and personal development. You will find some of the most talented fighters in the entire world in the Octagon.